Can I Crochet With Knitting Yarn? (What To Be Aware Of)

Yes, you can crochet with knitting yarn. Both knitting and crocheting are exciting crafts and you can create many inspiring projects.

Either you can choose one of them over the other, or enjoy both of them equally. While the two yarn crafts have many similarities, they differ in certain techniques and results.

Both knitting and crocheting need similar skills such as selection of design, fiber and color, great hand-eye coordination, and completing the project within the said time. Also, both these crafts need a hook or needle to create amazing items. 

How To Crochet With Knitting Yarn?

You can indeed crochet with knitting yarn – but how? Both crocheters and knitters use yarn to create great items. In general, both these crafts use the same basic and type of yarn for the same projects.

You can find different types of yarns and you can use all of them in crocheting and knitting. 

However, some yarns are made specifically for each of them. The crochet thread is the visible difference. Also, you may crochet with all types of knitting yarn but you have to wait until you are aware of the basics in general.

That would help you with the high textured yarns that interrupt the stitch pattern. 

There is a smooth transition on crochet hooks from the hook to the shaft. So, they slip in and out with ease. However, some people think otherwise. They believe that while you can crochet with knitting yarn, it is much useful to use a crochet hook instead. 

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So, it is evident that you can crochet with knitting yarn. However, it depends on the type of project you are having and the thickness of the yarn. Thick yarn doesn’t give you the best results. 

Crochet vs. Knitting – What’s the Difference?

If you are a beginner, you might have asked this question many times. Even the most experienced ones have been confronted with this question. So, what the difference between crochet and knitting? Here is what you should know.

Crochet hooks vs knitting needles – Crochet hooks are used to create delicate items. The hook is a stick with a tiny end. It comes in all sizes, both big and small. They are made of bone, wood, plastic, bamboo, aluminum, or steel. Knitting machines, knitting looms, or knitting needles are needed for knitting.

Machines and looms are used to produce fabrics for the clothing industry in huge quantities. So, when you hand-knit, you need a pair of knitting needles. In general, these are made of plastic, wood, or metal. Also, they are available in different configurations for specific projects. Knitting needles come in a set of two needles and above.

Crochet stitches vs knitting stitches – You can find structural differences between crocheted and knitted fabric. When doing knitting, you have to keep the yarn loops on the needles. Therefore, every stitch has to rely on the support of the stitches below them. If you drop a stitch, the stitches below it start to unravel.

However, the thing is different in crochet. In crochet, there is a single yarn loop. And, it needs attention. With different niches of crochet and advanced projects like broomstick lace, you have to give attention to many loops. The single active loop holds the project on its own and doesn’t help in unraveling. 

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Crochet and knitting projects – Knitting with needles creates more drapes of the finished product. Because of the finished fabric, garments are always knitted. On the other hand, crochet creates delicate and stiffer fabric. They are perfect for table runners and blankets. There are lots of different kinds of yarns these days. And, it is possible to create draped crochet and delicate knit. Also, there are plenty of projects that can be crocheted or knitted, depending on your choice.

Why Does Crochet use More Yarn Than Knitting a Piece Of The Same Size?

One of the oldest debates among knitters and crocheters is which craft uses yarn in excess. It is hard to settle.

There is a strong notion that crochet uses more yarn than knitting. However, there are many instances where knitting uses more yarn. So, the question can’t be answered in a simple no or yes. 

There are lots of differences between crochet and knitting. So, various factors help in determining the right amount of yarn to be used in the finished product. Also, the right amount of yarn depends on the type of yarn, hook size, or needle size and gauge. 

How much yarn you need for a piece of fabric depends on the stitches you are using. When knitting, you would find that there is a vast difference in the amount of yarn used when performing the stitches. The stockinette stitch is the one that is a bit different from the others. But, what stitches use more yarn?

A lot of crocheters and knitters have put the myth to test. Most of the experiments indicate that crochet stitches use more yarn. However, they use a little bit more yarn than knitting. So, it is evident that the crochet stitch uses more yarn compared to the knitting stitch.

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Crochet consumes much yarn and results in a greater density of the fabric.

The Yarn Experiment

In one experiment, you can find that there are five 10 square swatches crafted out of acrylic yarn. And, each of them was made using different techniques. These include plain Tunisian crochet, knitted garter stitch, knitted stockinette stitch, double crochet, and single crochet. 

Metal knitting and crochet needles measuring about 6mm were used. Here are the results.

  • The weight of Tunisian crochet was 7 grams and the yarn used was 13.10 meters 
  • The weight of the knitted garter was 7 grams and the yarn used was 12.32 meters 
  • The weight of the knitted stockinette was 4 grams and the yarn used was 9.10 meters 
  • The weight of double crochet was 6 grams and the yarn used was 10.92 meters 
  • The weight of single crochet was 7 grams and the yarn used was 12.33 meters 

So, Tunisian crochet used most yarn and knitted stockinette used the least of them.