How To Make Paper Clay Without Joint Compound – 7 Step Guide

Paper clay

Making paper clay/paper mache is an economical and environmentally-friendly way of creating beautiful sculptures and other artworks. Homemade paper cache tends to have a short shelf life, and you’ll have to use it within two weeks. If you store it for longer, it will start degrading and decaying. Although most paper mache “recipes” require you … Read more

How To Organize Polymer Clay – The ultimate guide

Blocks of polymer clay

I really love how convenient and easy it is to make art with polymer clay, but keeping it for reuse is another thing. I know you agree how annoying it is to find mounds of polymer clay patched on surfaces days after you finished using it and how messy the mixture is easily distributed everywhere … Read more

Wed Clay Vs Monster Clay – What is best and why?

Clay sculpting

Art has no limitations. Some different styles and types can not be limited to only paper or canvas. Art is very important in our lives. It allows us to be more creative and allows us to express our thoughts without speaking. Art can be helpful in various aspects of our lives. It can help in … Read more

Porcelain Clay Vs Polymer Clay – What to use for your project

Porcelain clay

Children love to make things like rings with clay. Teachers teach students how to make things from clay. But parents wonder if the clay is safe for their children. Porcelain and polymer are two common crafting substances that are useful for a variety of purposes. For artworks, porcelain and polymer are made in clay format. … Read more