Why Is Knitting More Difficult Than Crocheting?

Crotchet and knitwear designs have been rocking the fashion industry lately. Last year, crotchet and knitwear were ranked the 12th most trending style during the 2020 spring runaway, according to Harpers Bazaar. 

From garments, earrings, shawls, earrings, house decor, and unicorns, there are many designs these two crafts have to offer. Most often, many people end up resolving crocheting or knitting their own accessories that suit their preferences, interest, and styles.

Luckily, all these crafts are doable, but with different techniques. It is usually daunting for a starter to decide which craft is better or easier and why. Some can prefer knitting or crocheting or, sometimes, both. 

The majority of people usually opt for crocheting because it’s a simple technique, but this may vary from person to person. So, is it true that knitting is more complex than crocheting? Let’s find out.

This article explains why knitting is usually considered difficult than crocheting, their similarities, differences, and the pros and cons of these two crafts to help you determine the most suitable technique for you.

Why Is Knitting More Difficult Than Crocheting?

The complexity of these two crafts is determined more by the technique used. In knitting, you use two needles, and stitches look like loops, while in crocheting, you only need a crotchet hook and its stitches look like tiny knots. 

These techniques require almost the same skill sets like a good taste for design and color selection, proper hand-eye coordination, fiber affinity, and patience. 

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Most people find it hard to knit since it requires one to keep track of two needles, which can be very tricky for individuals with motor skills challenges. In case one of the needles accidentally fall, be sure that your project will have a vertical run.

Even though this problem is fixable, it will be hectic and time-consuming to keep all the run stitches on the needle without tampering with the other stitches. With crocheting, you won’t have to worry about your project running when the hook drops or pause to do something else. 

With crocheting, it’s easier to work on several projects without disturbing the project’s stitches. You’ll only need a clip or stitch holder to keep them from unraveling. The same thing is hard with knitting, particularly if you only have one set of needles. 

It isn’t easy to knit a round-shaped garment, lest you’ve special needles explicitly set for this job. Examples of these projects are doilies, hats, and granny squares. 

Still, some individuals find knitting easier than crocheting, although it’s not a large percentage like those who love to crochet. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Crocheting Vs Knitting?

Every knitter has a reason they prefer one technique over the other. It may be due to the easiness, the result each craft offers, stitches a craft produces, type materials needed, the time needed for each technique, or the various projects they suit.

Some of the merits and demerits of these two crafts include:

Pros of Crocheting

The main advantages of crocheting are:

  1. It’s a more straightforward technique because it utilizes only one hook
  2. It an easy to learn how to crochet
  3. It’s faster to crotchet
  4. Easy to mend mistakes 
  5. It has more patterns than knitting
  6. Offers more freedom than knitting; you can pause your project without it running easily and change patterns to create something unique. 
  7. Produces stretchy and heavier fabric. 
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Cons of Crocheting

The main disadvantages of crocheting are:

  1. Lack of enough dedicated crocheting companies 
  2. Difficulty in creating projects with complicated colors variation
  3. Figure-hugging crochet-made fabrics aren’t as pretty as the knitted ones.
  4. It’s not a better choice for intricate patterns. It’s easier if you knit instead. 

Pros of Knitting

Although knitting can be a slightly tricky craft to learn, it has strengths that make it a great technique to master. Some of its merits area:

  1. Produces fabric with more drape than crocheting, which creates less stiff and delicate fabric. 
  2. Being is more advantageous since knitting is more popular than crocheting; hence you’ll be sure of a ready market and knitting ideas.
  3. It’s the best choice for intricate and sophisticated patterns or designs having tiny details.
  4. An excellent option for color-work
  5. It doesn’t require mastering many skills and stitches like crocheting. 

Cons of Knitting

Just like crocheting, knitting has its drawbacks too. Some of them include:

  1. Difficult fixing mistakes. If you notice an error late, you’ll require to undo more stitches, which is very frustrating and time-consuming.
  2. It’s slower. For example, it takes about 5-6 hours to see a cringe or afghan pattern when knitting. The same project can be completed in not more than two evening sittings if you crochet. 
  3. Requires more supplies to learn and knit comfortably. 
  4. It can be challenging and frustrating to coordinate stitches simultaneously.
  5. It’s tricky to make other home decor and accessories since it creates light fabric.
  6. You can’t remove knitting needles on an ongoing project, which is very limiting, unlike crocheting, where you can simply pause a project and prevent it from running using a clip or stitch holder. 
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Which Is Easier – Knitting Or Crochet?

The majority of people have different opinions about this question; some say knitting is more complex, while others think it’s crocheting. Subjectively, none of these techniques is easier or harder; both of them involve a learning arc you should experience to perform them effectively.

Which of these two techniques you’ll prefer mostly depends on your personal experience, preference, and opinion. The method that you learn first tends to be the easiest, whether it’s knitting or crocheting.

Crocheting is an ideal technique for individuals who:

  • Love quick and heavier projects
  • Intend to work on more than one projects
  • Who is more creative due to the limited crochet patterns
  • Are prone to mistakes or frequently redo your projects. It’s easier to fix errors in crocheting than knitting.

Knitting is an excellent choice for people who:

  • Are patient since it takes more time and dedication
  • Aiming to use less yarn since knitting uses less yarn and its knitting yarn is usually cheaper.
  • If you’re more logical to read and create a knitting pattern. 

Crocheting and knitting are crucial techniques that are easy to learn and practice. You can create lovely and unique outfits, decor, and other garments with these skills. No one is limited to learning only one skill. It’s better that you know both of them to create something more wonderful and exclusive.