What’s The Difference Between Piece Dyed And Yarn Dyed Fabric?

We all have fashionable clothes and fabrics but we do not know the dyeing process of these fabrics. If you see closely then, you can understand that Dyeing can be done and performed in various batches and steps.

Many of us love to wear different stripes and checks. In this case, the manufacturer uses yarn dyeing. Different colored yarns are being used in this process of dyeing.

Apart from this, there is another type of dyeing process which is piece dyed. The most common method of t-shirt dyeing is piece dyeing. 

Now, you will have to know what is piece-dyed and what is yarn-dyed? For this, you will have to read on carefully:

What Is Piece-Dyed Fabric?

The most common dyed fabric is piece-dyed. Through this method of dyeing, the manufacturer can get maximum benefits and flexibility of invention.

It also meets the changing color demands. It keeps fashion up to date and presents something new to the people who love to wear fashionable and colorful clothes. Beck dyeing a continuous and versatile process and this process uses long yards of fabric.

You should know the fact that a huge amount of dyeing is done and performed by jig and beck equipment. 

In this process, the fabric is passed in the form of rope through the dyebath. The rope will move on the reel and draws the fabric up and down in front of the dyeing machine.

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The manufacturer will continue this process to get the uniform color and achieve the desired intensity of color in the whole cloth or fabric. 

What Is Yarn-Dyed Fabric?

This is used to make interesting and attractive checks, plaids and stripes. Different colored yarns are used in this process of dyeing. You will see different methods of yarn dyeing. These are as follows:

  • Skein dyeing
  • Package dyeing 
  • Stock dyeing

Stock dyeing fibre uses perforated tubes. In the packaged dyeing process, yarn is collected on the perforated rods and dip in a tank where dye is stocked.

The skein dyed fuzzy yarns are bulky and heavy. These are hung on a ladder. The yarn is loosely attached to a reel and after that, the manufacturers start the dyeing process.

This is one of the popular and common dyeing processes. Most manufacturers and fabricators use this method to dye the fabrics.

It is essential to make stripes, checks and other types of patterns. Yarn-dyed fabricwill last longer and the color is very much intense and bright. 

What is the difference between yard dyed and piece dyed?

You can understand the difference after hearing their names. While a piece of fabric is woven by using dyed yarns then the process is called and known as yarn-dyed.

This method of dyeing is done in rope or sheet form. On the other hand, while the dyeing process is done at the fabric stage then, the process is called piece dyed.

In this case, the fabric is made with the help of grey yarns. As you can see, the two methods of dyeing are different from each other. 

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Piece Dyed Vs Yarn-Dyed Fabric – Is One Better Than The Other?

Fabrics that have checks, stripes and other types of patterns use dyed yarns. Apart from this, the multi-color woven design also needs a yarn-dyed fabric method.

On the other hand, single dyed or solid color fabric follows the piece dyed fabrics. But if you see closely then, you can understand that color quality and fastness is good enough and better in yarn-dyed fabrics.

So, the color of the fabric will not fade very fast. Even, you will not face color bleeding in the yarn-dyed fabric type cloth. Yarn-dyed fabric is a little bit costlier than piece-dyed fabric. So, you can see the difference and now you also know which one is better.

Undoubtedly, yarn-dyed is better than piece-dyed and the color of the yarn-dyed fabric will also last long. 

Yarn dyeing starts at an earlier point than the piece dyeing. But in the piece dyeing method, the fabric is knitted in the natural cotton color.

Now you know which process of dyeing is better and long-lasting as well. So, in future, if you are going to buy clothes or fabrics from the shop then, you may ask these questions related to the dyeing process.

The shopkeeper will not make you a fool as you have already gathered so much knowledge regarding the dyeing process and dyeing tools. 

The Chemistry Of Dyeing Process Or Method

Every textile workers follow particular chemistry of dyeing method. They should use heat and it is supplied to the dye bath as well.

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They also use energy to dye molecules and transfer them from the solution to the fibre. The technical term of this process is known as exhaustion.

Evenness of the dyeing is very much necessary. You cannot ignore this fact. So, the manufacturers look into this matter very closely. 

The dyeing machine includes a vessel that contains dye color, tools for heating, colling and circulating. There are so many types of dyeing machines. It depends on the nature and fabric of the clothes to be dyed.

A jet machine is very much needed if you want to dye a synthetic piece of fabric. It is necessary for high-temperature synthetic fabric dyeing. Polyester fabrics also need the same method. Nowadays, there are so many modern machines that the manufacturer can use to complete the dyeing process.

These machines are upgraded, modern and programmed automatically as well. Above all, the yarn-dyed fabric is better than piece dyeing fabric. The color will last long in this fabric.

You can see the difference when you will compare both types of fabrics and clothes. Yarn dyeing clothes are costlier ones than the piece dyeing clothes. Apart from this, if you want multicolored woven designs then, you should go for yarn dyeing fabric.

It is a long-lasting and bright type of fabric. With this type of fabric, you will never go out of fashion among your friend circle.