How Do Needlepoint and Crewel Differ in Embroidery

Needlepoint embroidery

Fabrics decoration art has immensely diversified over the years, leading to many fantastic fabric embellishment techniques for various projects. Some of the common fabric decoration methods are needlepoint and crewelwork. Both these techniques come in many patterns and stitch types you can employ in your fabric decoration art. It’s best to use wool yarn for crewelwork … Read more

What Makes an Image Too Complex For Embroidery?


Embroidery is the art of decorating a piece of fabric or materials using a needle to apply thread on yarn. It may also involve other materials like beads, quills, sequins, and pearls. It is an old form of artwork used globally to enhance different types of fabrics for beauty and fashion. In terms of structure … Read more

Why Is Embroidery Software Highly Expensive? Top Tips Before You Buy

Graphic embroidery button

Modern technology has improved in almost all fields of life. As a result of this, there is digitized transport, communication, education, industries, and many others fields. In art, we have embroidery software that has been digitized by using software that creates a digital stitch format file from existing artwork. The computerized embroidery machine reads the … Read more

Why Do Chinese Embroidery Machines Have A Bad Reputation?

Embroidery machine

A good embroidery machine will give you efficient and satisfactory work. You will love your handiwork after it is complete. However, if you have bought a cheap machine, you will have to suffer from different issues. Mainly, if you buy a cheap product, you will find it lacking and it won’t last long.  You can … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Embroidery and Weaving?

Purple embroidery

Embroidery and weaving are two different processes. Both serve different purposes and give you enough freedom to choose any structure and design. When weaving assembles the fabric to get the desired shape, embroidery will help with beautiful and impressive designs and patterns. The terms weaving and embroidery are mostly used interchangeably. As both involve fabrics, … Read more