What Weight Yarn Is The Best For Crocheted Doilies?

Crochet doily patterns are recognized to be decorative crochet piece, which is known to be circular easily. However, at times, they are known to be oval or rectangle. The patterns are made to work in the round manner, owing to which it is relaxing to work it up. 

They are regarded as one of the different kinds of pattern crochets which are created at the starting of the crochet craft. Such vintage patterns are crocheted, usually through small hook and lace thread.

Crochet daily patterns have earned a high reputation for adding a fantastic and unique lace accent to your house. They are believed to be a popular choice for people who are new to knitting. They work up faster and do not need any yarn. Also, they are believed to be a wonderful choice for gift giving. 

It is also a wonderful choice to decorate homes. If you are searching for an easy, friendly crochet project to go through the lazy weekend or during the rainy day, crocheted doilies are considered to be the best choice. In this write-up, you can seek information about the best weight yarn for the crocheted doilies:

What Is Yarn?

Yarn is recognized as a textile composed of plant-based fibers such as hemp, cotton, silk, synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, and rayon, and animal-based fibers angora, mohair, sheep’s wool. Such interlocked fibers are found to be spun together to create thicker strands.

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The yarn you chose for the crocheted doilies has an impact on the stitch definition, drape, and the yarn’s general feel.

What Type of Yarn is Suitable For the Doilies?

The majority of the doily patterns are composed of crochet thread, which is extremely delicate. A wide array of pattern collections is available, making the crochet from various kinds of yarn. To create doilies, you can opt for linen, hemp, cotton, and other kinds of fiber capable of handling the heat.

In modern times, the doilies are composed of yarn of different weights. The doilies are composed of a plethora of hook sizes. Hence, more crocheters venture into doily making.

There are different ways to make the right use of crocheted doilies for the decoration of homes, like the centerpieces, on the dressers, dining tables, and coffee tables. Hence, they are believed to be an ideal choice for holiday decorations.

Kinds of Yarn For Doilies

There are wide assortments of acrylics, which are available in the market in bright colors. They are known for their consistency. These acrylics do not have breathability like wool. However, they are known to be super strong.

Also, they are machine washable. It is believed to be one of the best in class yarn for crocheted doilies which assure high durability. Moreover, they do not have any susceptibility to moths.


If you want yarn for the crocheted doilies that can hold an ample amount of wear and tear and do not have the prerequisite elasticity, cotton will be the suitable option for you. They feature a smooth feeling to crochet with. Cotton yarns are known to be strong and provide clear stitches.

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A prominent reason why cotton is the best yarn for crocheted doilies is that they are available in a bunch of colors. Also, they are believed to be a suitable option for summer projects. Also, they are the best option for the crocheters and knitters, which are allergic to animal fibers.


It is another worth mentioning yarn that is used for the crocheted doilies. Mills are known to combine various fibers, which help in creating yarns. Also, they are considered to be the combination of both worlds. Blends allow the mills to produce unusual yarns. In addition to this, synthetic fibers are beneficial in binding the feature products, such as sequins, to the yarn’s main strand.


It is regarded as a suitable yarn for the crocheted doilies. They are known for their high absorbent power and breathability. If you are caught in the town shower within the woolen shower, it offers a helping hand in keeping them dry. 

It is a popular choice for crocheting doilies as they last for a prolonged period. They are known to soften with wear. Also, it plays an integral role in keeping the moth away. Due to the anti-bacterial properties, wool needs far less washing than the other types of fibers available in the market. 

Speaking of yarn weight, it does not mean how heavy the yarn is. Yarn weight refers to the thickness of the yarn’s strand. Yarn of different weight is available in the market, which are useful in crocheted doilies. 1 PLY yarn is lighter in weight. 

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It is useful in creating doilies and different beautiful lace designs. Hence, you should make sure to treat the same gently so that you can say no to breakage and tangling. With the weight of 2-5 PLY, yarn are known to be lightweight and superfine.


Linen is recognized to be one of the best in class fibers to spun. It is lighter in weight than cotton. As it is highly absorbent, you can be ensured that it is going to work equally both in cold and hot weather. Due to its lightweight, it is believed to be a suitable choice for garments and shawls.

Time Required For Crocheting Doily Patterns

The amount of time necessary to crochet the doily patterns is available in a plethora of sizes and shapes. It takes the average time of about 12-16 hours daily to create daily crochet patterns. However, it might consume more time if you want to create crochet from the doily.

Curio is a popular yarn composed of 2-ply #3 crochet thread and 100 percent cotton. This number is relevant to the thread thickness. It is believed to be a wonderful option for jewelry, doilies, garments, and amigurumi.

Doilies can be a great choice to add warmth and touch to your home. It also enhances the elegance of your home. You can create doilies of unique designs as you choose the yarns with the right weight.