Where Can I Sell My Pottery? (3 Best Ways to Sell and Why)

Woman forming clay

Producing pottery is fun, as you can create anything of interest. You could create bowls, plates, glasses, planters, and other appealing decorative items. You could even create some food-safe pottery products for serving. Don’t forget about how you can hand-paint items to produce unique designs. What you might not know about making pottery is that … Read more

Can Primitive Firing Get Hot Enough To Glaze Pottery?

Primitive firing

While adding a glaze to a piece of pottery isn’t necessary, it is recommended. A glaze adds a sealant that creates a glass-like appearance and a shine to your pottery. It can make the pottery piece stain-resistant. Some pieces could also become food-safe when you add a proper glaze. But it might be tough for … Read more

What Do You Call Someone Who Makes Pottery? (Facts and History)

Professional pottery maker at her wheel

Pottery-making even today is a fascinating skill and there are thousands of people who are simply overawed by it. The sight of the pottery wheel moving at different speeds as the deft hands and fingers convert wet and soft clay into amazing pottery items is simply mind-boggling for many of us. Today pottery making continues to be … Read more

Can You Glaze Pit-Fired Pottery? (All You Need to Know)


Whenever we talk about pottery made from clay we often come across the term pit-firing of pottery. What exactly is pit firing of pottery? We will try to answer this question over the next few lines. We also will try to get the right answer to the question if it is possible to glaze pit-fired pottery. What exactly is … Read more

Why Are Clay Pots Baked In Kilns?

Man in front of kiln

Answer: Because a kiln is a thermally insulated chamber that reaches over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and you need this kind of heat to properly bake clay. Surely you have heard about pottery making. If you aren’t familiar with it, then you have probably seen one as a decoration in a mall, a restaurant, museum, and … Read more