Wed Clay Vs Monster Clay – What is best and why?

Clay sculpting

Art has no limitations. Some different styles and types can not be limited to only paper or canvas. Art is very important in our lives. It allows us to be more creative and allows us to express our thoughts without speaking. Art can be helpful in various aspects of our lives. It can help in … Read more

Porcelain Clay Vs Polymer Clay – What to use for your project

Porcelain clay

Children love to make things like rings with clay. Teachers teach students how to make things from clay. But parents wonder if the clay is safe for their children. Porcelain and polymer are two common crafting substances that are useful for a variety of purposes. For artworks, porcelain and polymer are made in clay format. … Read more

Can Pottery Be Microwaved? Here is what you need know

Cup in microwave

You may have heard that you can’t put pottery in the microwave. But how do microwaves work? Microwaves are just electromagnetic waves, and they don’t care what is between them and their target. They will heat anything they can get close to. The problem with putting pottery in a microwave is not the microwaves but … Read more

Can Pottery Be Reglazed? We Asked An Expert

Pottery cup being glazed

A one-time Glazing and Fire may not always provide the intended effect. The color may be too dull, the texture may be missing, or there may be too many faults. Another approach to add texture to earthenware is to reglaze it. Reglazing and refrying pottery can be done several times. Most ceramic glazes require 1-3 … Read more

What Happens If You Use Oil Instead Of Water In Pottery Clay?

Oil based clay

Hmm, if you use oil instead of water in pottery clay, then it will turn into modeling clay. In sculptural projects, this modeling clay is widely used as the clay gets malleable day by day.  Therefore, you can use this modeling clay in stop-motion animation filmmaking because this clay ensures flexibility so that you can … Read more