Why Would Anyone Use Acrylic Yarn When Knitting? (Pros And Cons)

The acrylic yarn has many benefits when you use it for knitting. Although it is just man-made or synthetic, it has many advantages that one can focus on when they are looking for materials to use for their knitting design. 

Many use acrylic yarn because of the range of colors available to choose from. 

They also considered it more affordable compared to other materials such as cashmere, nylon, cotton, wool, among others.

When you are just a beginner and have little experience in the knitting process, acrylic yarn can be your ally as it is less expensive and can be used for small and simple knitting projects.

This will be an advantage whenever you get a pattern wrong, and you can buy some more acrylic yarns instead of buying other expensive materials.

One more reason people use acrylic yarn when knitting is because it is always accessible on the market for purchase. 

Why Is Acrylic Yarn Bad?

Since acrylic yarn is a synthetic yarn, they have an effect on the environment because, during its manufacture, the process releases toxic fumes into the atmosphere. When acrylic yarns are washed, microplastics are released. As we all know, plastics are causing problems with the earth’s pollution, and acrylic yarn is another obstacle since it takes a very long time before it decomposes. This causes yarns that are synthetic to add to the issue of plastic pollution. 

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Acrylic yarns may not be helpful to the health of the wearer since they found them to have harmful chemicals that can also be considered carcinogens or which may cause cancer.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Acrylic Yarn Over Natural Fiber Yarn?

Many colors to choose from – Because it is synthetic, the color variety is another advantage. Those who are enthusiasts of the craft prefer to have many options when they want to knit clothes and different garments. 

Modern technology helps in making each color stick, and it does not run even when washed. 

Durable – It is not just easy to clean, but it is also durable that even when it is washed in a machine, it does not shrink or shred. It can withstand frequent washing and is the primary reason you will see this material used in blankets, gloves, and more. Acrylic yarn is also not delicate like other knitting materials. 

Lightweight and warm – This material is also preferred when creating blankets, sweaters, socks, scarves, and hats. It is warm and comfortable to wear when used for clothing materials. Not only that, but the acrylic yarn has a lower density as compared with natural fibers. 

Ideal for those who are allergic to natural fibers – For those people who have allergic tendencies, acrylic yarn is the best choice. They make some natural fiber yarn from animal fibers and comprise keratin-based proteins. Some people are sensitive to such and may not be comfortable wearing any cloth made from natural fiber yarn

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Affordable – Since acrylic yarn is mass-produced, you can buy it at an affordable price. Natural fiber yarns are more expensive and longer to produce. 

Disadvantages of Knitting With Acrylic Yarn

Not breathable – Natural yarn is breathable, unlike acrylic yarn. When you sweat, the moisture will stick to the cloth and is not comfortable after some time.

This also causes it to smell since the sweat does not evaporate. It is also not advisable to get your clothes made of acrylic yarn to get wet cause it will stay longer in the clothes.

Burns easily – When you have clothing made of acrylic yarn, you should not keep it close to a fire or high temperature. It burns and melts easily.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Natural Fiber Yarn For Knitting

Natural fiber yarn also has its advantage and disadvantage when compared to acrylic yarns. A natural fiber yarn is breathable, unlike acrylic yarn, and they used it mostly for apparel because of its lightweight quality.

It also pulls heat away from the body, which gives it an advantage for those people who may not be comfortable with anything that keeps sweat and moisture sticking to their skin.

Natural fiber yarn is the preferred material in clothing during hot weather because of its breathable feature. Another positive quality of the natural fiber yarn is the smoother-to-the-touch characteristic, compared to clothes made of acrylic yarn. 

Just like acrylic yarn, the natural fiber yarn is also durable and will not easily show wear and tear with frequent washing. It is also the choice for baby clothes, blankets, and washcloths because of its sturdiness. 

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One disadvantage noticed with natural fiber is its tendency to bleed during washing. Some fiber yarns are dyed to make them more colorful, and this leads to fading of color. Synthetic yarns are not as delicate with their colors. 

The natural fiber yarn is tricky to knit for those who are just beginning with the craft, but once they get used to using the natural fiber yarn, it gives high-quality results. 

Natural fiber yarn can cause allergies to flare up. Those who are allergic to the composition of the natural fiber yarn will not enjoy wearing knitted clothes with such materials. Acrylic yarns do not cause as many allergy flare-ups.

It is not the first choice for beginners in the craft because of its easy-wrinkle quality. Beginners find it harder to perfect their knitting project. 

Learners often choose acrylic yarn, because of its creaseless and easy-to-knit quality.

This naturally made material is more expensive than synthetic since it is harder to produce and takes longer. Some are even transported from different places. They are also produced delicately, so the price naturally adds up. 

When there is less supply, the price will increase, and this is what happens to natural fiber yarn. 

Synthetic yarn is produced effortlessly, and in enormous quantity, making it readily available, saleable, and makes a fast-turning commodity.

The common reason acrylic yarn is used by those who knit is because of its affordability and its accessibility. This makes it manageable for beginners to have an option when they mess up with their knitting project.

Buying acrylic yarn will not be as pricey compared to buying materials made of natural fiber yarn.