Is It Hard To Airbrush? We let a professional expert explain

Originally, airbrushing was used in car paint shops. They were used to create particularly brilliant and even colors. Nowadays, more and more artists are using airbrush techniques and applying it to different fields. The sudden popularity is due to the fact that it can provide many possibilities to let your creativity wonder free.

It is not that hard to learn the art. All you need are steady hand, right accessories and patience.

Benefits of Using an Airbrush

There are many advantages of using airbrushing. Some of them are:

  • Consistency – The paint will be applied smoothly over a given surface and this allows you to maintain consistency.
  • Professional Appeal – Unlike paintbrushes, it will not leave behind visible strokes. The paint job appears to be smooth. It provides a glossy finish which will enhance the neatness of your work, and make it look more professional.
  • Saves Time – It offers lot more control of the process compared to manual paint brushing. It also helps you to finish the work more quickly which will save you time to do other activities.

What Is The Best Airbrush For Beginners?

Before you can figure out which airbrush will work for you, a beginner at this, you need to find out how many types of airbrushing kit there are.

For beginners, you have the option to try out the following two different types of airbrushing kit. single-action airbrushes or double-action airbrushes.

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Single-Action Airbrush

This one works on the principle of spray gun. The process of using this is quite simple. You just have to push a button, and the spray will come out. The kit comes with a knob which you can use to control the amount of paint that will be coming out. The fact that it is user friendly, makes it perfect for beginners.

Double-Action Airbrush

Unfortunately, single-action airbrush kit does not offer precision work. So, if your work involves extensive details, then it won’t be the right choice for you. To get the full control of the process, it will be best to go for a double or dual-action airbrushing kit.

You will be able to control the pressure of the airflow along with the control of the flow of paint. Thus, they work best for amateurs. It sprays out a large amount of paint. So, it is perfect if you are looking for greater coverage as opposed to finer details. Side feed and Siphon feed airbrushes are typically used as dual-action airbrushes. So, you have the option to change colors during the process as well. 

So, it will be best to start with a gravity feed, dual action, internal mix airbrush if you are a beginner. There are many brands and you can choose one that suits your budget. Do spend as much as your budget allows you. You will be happy with the money invested. Learning how to airbrush can be difficult. Using cheap and unreliable materials will only make it harder for you. 

How Do You Get Good at Airbrushing?

There are different tips and techniques that can help you to become good at airbrushing. These tips and techniques are used by professionals and they believe that every airbrush painter should know them to improve their craft. These tips are as follows:

  • An untidy airbrush can spoil your painting. Thus, it is highly recommended that you clean the nozzle every now and then to ensure your painting does not get spoiled.
  • The paints have harmful chemicals. Thus, it will be better to wear eye protection while you use airbrush. Then you will be able to paint for a longer period of time without any complication.
  • If you are planning to paint extensively with airbrush, then it will be best to invest in an industrial grade dual filter mask. It will protect you from the harmful dyes and paints which can cause a number of health problems if inhaled.
  • Take your time to learn how to assemble and dismantle the airbrush properly. It will make sure that you are using it to the best of its capability.
  • A beginner should begin with water-based paints. Only when you are comfortable with it, you can move on to other paints.
  • Best way to use airbrush is by wearing gloves. Many of the solvents happen to be made from chemicals that can cause skin problems.
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When you know everything that is to know about airbrush painting, you would be able to use it to your advantage.

How do I learn to Airbrush Paint?

Airbrushing, fortunately, does not require a lot of knowledge. The key factors of learning how to airbrush are patience, practice and time. 

You need to have a clean workstation. If you have to rummage around to look for accessories, then surely it will break your concentration which will affect your work. You need to learn how to connect the compressor and the gun.

You need to know how to connect the compressor to the power supply. You need to fill the paint cup of the airbrush gun. This is an easy step which you can learn on your own. The paint needs to be mixed beforehand. For a better paint results, you can the dilute paint.

In addition, the nozzle size needs to be a match for the paint. Fine nozzle can work with low-pigmented paint only as other paints can form clogs in such nozzle.

You can adjust the air through the gun with the help of downward pressure. This is how you operate the airbrush. Once you have done this, you will notice that a gentle pull to the back takes place. This is the way you happen to regulate the amount of paint that is to be used by the airbrush.

The longer the pistol stays in one place with the more you pull. It makes sure the sprayed paint becomes stronger. To avoid ugly splashes of paint on your painting, you need to first stop the additional paint and then stop the air flow. If you are interested in learning the art of airbrushing and want to become a professional then it will be best to enrol yourself in an airbrushing class.

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There are plenty of online and offline courses that can help you to master the art of airbrushing. You need to pick one that suits you the most, and in no time, you can be a serious airbrush painter.