What Is a Good Paper For Airbrush Art? Top 4 Papers

In the present date, art has become a huge part of our lives. Art is a way by which you can express your feelings, expressions, and your emotions.

Art is not just restricted to pain or paper. There are numerous ways by which art is being portrayed in the present date. It is not just painting on a piece of paper but also includes various other techniques like body painting, face painting, canvas painting, pottery, terracotta art, etc. 

Art is very important in our lives. This is because it helps us release stress, makes us happy and improved our creativity. Indulging yourself in any kind of art or craft enhances your confidence and helps us in communicating with people without the use of words. Here is an article that will help you understand airbrushing art and what type of paper is best for it. 

What Is Airbrush Art?

The airbrush art technique is a unique style of art that does not use any hairbrush. This technique uses a small tool called the airbrush tool.

This tool looks like a small pen and uses compressed air to pull the color at first and then spray it in the paper in very fine and small droplets. It is easy to mix colors and for layering and shading as well.

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This is a very versatile technique and can be used for various types of projects.

What Is A Good Airbrush Paper For Practice?

Finding the most suitable paper for airbrushing can sometimes be difficult. If you are a beginner and if you want to practice airbrushing to master it or to prepare for a bigger project than you can use papers that are very low in absorption or are waterproof.

Using low absorption papers will prevent the color from bleeding and will give you finer lines when you airbrush them. Also, make sure when you choose the paper should also be very smooth. 

Using smooth paper will give you a smoother finish when you are practicing. You can also consider using cards instead of paper or even thicker papers.

This will make sure that the paper does not get soggy or soft when you apply color. However, you can also try airbrushing on plastic wraps to test the color and your application technique before using smooth and low absorption papers.

Best Reasonable Priced Paper Or Card For Airbrush Practice

Here is a list of papers that are suitable for Airbrush practicing.

IMPRESA Synthetic Reusable Polypropylene Paper

The IMPRESA synthetic reusable Polypropylene paper is a very good and non-absorbent paper that is made up of synthetic Polypropylene. It is extremely smooth and silky and is great to work with when using an airbrush. These papers are highly versatile and come in 8 inches by 12 inches in size containing 20 papers. 

It can be great for using airbrushes, acrylic, alcohol ink, and also oil pastels, and graphite. It is a great option for airbrush practicing as it is completely erasable. You can start your work again if you are not satisfied with it when you are practicing airbrushing. It is inexpensive and is a good choice especially if you are a beginner and you require practice papers.

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The STRATHMORE Canvas Pad is 12 inches 16 inches canvas Pad that is a good option for airbrushing practice on canvas. These canvas sheets are very hard and very smooth which makes them a great option for airbrushing. This canvas Pad is inexpensive and it comes in a pack of 10 sheets. 

It is also suitable for acrylic and oil painting and has a glue bound that can be flipped over for both side usage. It is a waterproof canvas Pad and the papers are highly durable and do not become soggy with the use of airbrush paint. Its pad is a non-toxic and no acidic option and can be a great idea when practicing airbrushing techniques.

TERRASLATE Airbrush Paper

The TERRASLATE Airbrush Paper is considered to be one of the best options for airbrush practicing. These premium airbrush papers have an incredibly smooth and silky texture that helps you in getting clean and neat lines when using an airbrush. These can be easily erased and scratched as well. 

These are water-resistant and do not absorb any water at all which prevents the bleeding of your airbrush colors. These papers can be used on both sides without any imprint problems. This paper is only suitable for airbrushing and comes in 8.5 inches by 11 inches size with 25 art sheets. 

CANSON Acrylic and Oil Paper Pad

The CANSON Acrylic and Oil-paper pad are a 9 inches by 12 inches paper pad that is very versatile. It is a fold-over pad with 24 art sheets.

The sheets are waterproof and absorb absolutely no water or paint which then prevents color bleeding as well. The papers are very smooth and are like canvas papers with that same texture.

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It comes in 3 different sizes and is an inexpensive option for airbrush practicing. It is a hard paper almost like a canvas but is not a canvas so you can easily practice airbrushing on it. 

Airbrush Art – A Versatile Artform For Use On Many Surfaces

The airbrush technique of art is not a very old concept but it has become much more popular in the last few decades. The airbrush technique of art generally uses an airbrush tool that uses compressed air to pull the paint and then spray that paint in very fine droplets.

Airbrushing can not only be used for paper but can also be used for canvas, cards, and also for body painting or makeup applications as well. Airbrushing is very useful for layering and shading. It also saves a lot of time as you do not need to apply strokes after strokes to obtain a particular shade.

Airbrushing is easy and time-saving when trying to obtain shadow and also mixing colors. Also, the tool is very easy to use as it is just like a pen and you can hold it in your hand and freely do your painting.