Why Do I Find Drawing Fun? (10 Reasons Why It Is Fun To Draw)

For thousands of years artists have used drawing or sketching to help record their observations, memories and ideas. Leonardo da Vinci famously carried a notebook with him whenever he went, whether he was in the street or in the studio. He believed it was vital to continually draw and sketch what he observed around him to help harness his creative abilities. Obviously few of us have DaVinci’s talent but it’s easy to see me why drawing can be fun, even practicing the basics have many benefits.

Whether you’re doodling on a sheet of paper or doing some serious sketching, or trying to record distinct moments in time or visualize what you’re thinking. Practicing drawing daily can help you for the following reasons.

Drawing is Therapeutic

The question of the start of the article was, Why do I find drawing fun? Anyone who picks up a pencil and a piece of paper and draws will instantly feel some relief from anxiety or stress.

Drawing helps people feel more productive and fills us with positive feelings of others. The ability to remain focused and present while drawing is identical to a type of meditation.

Anyone who commits to drawing will quickly forget their ego and the anxiety or stress in their lives and focus on themselves and their current project.

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Drawing Helps You Understand The World Around You

Drawing is a very useful activity to help us put our mental images of our surrounding world on paper. I can help with conceptualization and planning and understand how our world operates.

Many of us are visual learners and putting our thoughts and memories down on paper by practicing Roy regularly helps us comprehend the vast amount of information our brain consumes daily.

From an emotional perspective, drawing can help people express their thoughts and feelings, especially if they struggle to verbalize them. If you’re struggling with complex feelings, drawing helps you express and record them safely.

Drawing Boosts Your Hand Eye Coordination

Drawing is an exceptional tool to help link your brain’s eyes and hands and improve your overall coordination. Drawing helps you develop your fine motor skills and Hyundai coordination.

The more you practice the better you will get practice will help harmonize your brain’s, eyes and hands allowing them to become instruments to help you navigate the world around you.

When You Draw You Develop An Artist’s eye

Many of you have probably never heard of the concept of an artist’s eye. Experts in the industry believe that artists see the world differently.

Wallace may be true, studies have shown that people who practice drawing regularly are better at understanding compositions, relationships and proportions. They’re also better ask judging distance and measurements and have a keen grasp of total relationships.

Drawing Encourages You To Make Better Decisions

Once you start drawing you’re instantly making a variety of different decisions most of us are subconscious. The more you practice, the better your problem solving and this isn’t making skills will become.

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Often drawings do not work out as you first intend and the ability to step back, visualize the end product and make decisions about how to rectify these mistakes will lead you to create better problem-solving skills in your everyday life.

When something isn’t working out on paper, the skills you learn from drawing allow you to pick the next logical step to get you moving in the right direction.

Drawing Offers An Escape From Technology

In a world dominated by the destruction of digital devices and social media, our brains have evolved to chase the temporary diversions and endorphin releases provided by these mediums.

As a result we have a tendency to spend far too much of our free time in less than industrious practices, much of it spent on these time-consuming diversions. Drawings and excellent pastimes not only are good for your brain because it helps open new pathways and develop existing connections, it actively encourages both sides of the brain to take part.

When the left and right hemisphere of your brain coordinates it helps improve your creativity and logical thinking.

Learn To Focus Better When You Draw

One of the first skills you learn when you draw is the ability to concentrate for a significant period. When you eventually step away from your phone or laptop and start doodling even absent-mindedly, you’ll find you spend far more time than your first intended focused on your drawing.

Eventually your desire to perfect your impression of what’s happening around you will allow you to remain present and focused for long periods of time. As you build a relationship with your subject, the importance of remaining focused on different aspects of your peace will teach you vital and lifelong skill.

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Develop A Deeper Understanding

To master the art of drawing, you’re going to have to understand your subject. Whether that means getting a feel for the line or curve of an object or even its form, the more you focus on drawing something the better you’ll understand.

Nothing will allow you and gain a greater understanding of a situation or object than spending hours drawing it

Increase Your Communication Skills

It doesn’t matter whether you are drawing real-life situations or stick figures. They aren’t because your practice is the official language of representations and symbols. Art is a form of visual communication as it allows you to tell a story.

The ability to express your innermost feelings and thoughts with a true heart allows people to express emotions they couldn’t describe otherwise. Drawing lovely break free self-imposed limitations and weaknesses. Drawing helps people tackle low self-esteem and shyness.

Drawing Is Fun

When you combine all the benefits listed above, drawing helps you manage your taunted feelings and gives you a medium to bring your musings to life. The ability to take an empty page and fill it it’s just fun and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Don’t worry about creating a vivid image of a place or person. Start by drawing the Picasso image, a quick online search will reveal why.

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