What Is The Best Way To Teach Yourself To Draw? (5 Best Tips)

If you want to draw sketches but cannot afford to learn drawing by joining a top school of art then instead of getting harassed you should take a challenge to teach yourself and become a popular artist one day.

Though it is not exciting to become a self-taught artist as people usually want to be taught at a top art school by the masters in this trade but if an art school does not teach you all the drawing skills then it is better to teach yourself.

Though it is not easy to teach yourself to draw but it can be rewarding for you if you master to draw anything. There will be no one to guide you but it will allow you to learn to draw as you like. You can easily become a self-taught artist equivalent to an artist trained by professionals if you are determined to achieve your goal.

When you learn how to draw at an art school then you can learn the techniques used by some of the known artists but when you teach yourself then you are free to follow any artist to master things.

There are a number of artists who are not trained formally to become famous in their field like Vincent van Gogh, Albert Dorne, Charles M. Russell, Paul Gauguin, Winslow Homer, and James McNeill Whistler, etc. You can also be one of them one day by following the tips provided here under to teach yourself to draw.

Tips To Teach You To Draw – From Beginner To Experienced

Plan for everything but do not expect anything. You can continue to teach yourself for a long time if you do not expect much from your efforts otherwise you will be frustrated and discourage after some time. Even if you are formally trained to draw, it is not easy to become an artist quickly.

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So, it is important to have an optimistic attitude to achieve your desired goal. This optimism will encourage you to move forward to achieve whatever you want. If you are unable to achieve everything then it can be due to a lack in your effort.

Be your own critic: While evaluating your work it can be easier to appreciate it but you should learn the ways to judge your art critically and impartially if you want to learn and improve your skills.

You will never be able to detect your faults and improve yourself if you are your own admirer. If learning yourself to draw is hurting your ego then you must display your works in some galleries or competitions. You will know the level of your excellence in this field.

Consistent Practice Is Important To Develop Your Drawing Skills

You should go on practicing for hours if you want to be successful as a self-taught artist. If you cannot afford to learn for several hours in an art school due to your involvement in your hobbies or job then you must find out the time when you can practice on your own.

Even if you cannot spare several hours to draw, you should be dedicated to continuing smaller sessions throughout the week. These sessions can be meaningful for you if you can keep yourself away from the entire world.

Practicing even for half an hour in such an environment can be more useful for you than spending several hours in an art school.

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Usually, people fail to teach them how to draw because instead of doing something they wait for a perfect time. Moreover, instead of drawing large images, you must start small drawings so that you can complete them in the same session.

Sometimes, you will have to store unfinished large drawings if it takes several weeks to complete. You can maintain the freshness of your ideas when you quickly draw smaller drawings.

Copy Works Of The Popular Artists

The best way to teach yourself how to draw is to follow the procedures and techniques used by great artists. You can try to draw the sketches and paintings draw by popular artists.

The problems faced by you will help you to learn more about their approach as well as the colors selected and strokes used by them. The main purpose of copying the art of great artists is to understand the ways of their working instead of imitating them.

By following the techniques of other artists will help you to develop your own technique to draw.

Document everything: Even when you have started to teach yourself to draw it is advisable to document everything as your early works can be more important for you some time.

You can know your strengths and weaknesses when you review your previous art works as part of a group. It will help in improving your skills by comparing your art form with others. For instance, your earlier drawings may not ea as colorful and saturated as the drawings you have recently drawn.

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It will allow you to evaluate each of your drawings. These days, you can also use social media platforms for the purpose of maintaining the record of your artistic activities.

Avoid Comparing Your Drawings To The Works Of Others

People usually compare themselves to other professional artists when they do not find other artists studying at art school around them. At such moments you must keep in mind that no one is a born artist.

At one stage every professional artist was a layman. Instead of comparing yourself with professionals you must take inspiration from them and improve your skills by focusing on your own art works.

Participate in the art community: If you are not studying at an art school then you may not be a part of an art community but you can be involved in such communities by participating in exhibitions, art demonstrations, and competitions as well as through online forums.

You will not feel awkward for not attending an art school by your active involvement in such art communities.Thus, the tips discussed n this write-up can be the best way to teach yourself to draw. The main thing that matters is your commitment to teach yourself how to draw.

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