Wed Clay Vs Monster Clay – What is best and why?

Art has no limitations. Some different styles and types can not be limited to only paper or canvas. Art is very important in our lives. It allows us to be more creative and allows us to express our thoughts without speaking.

Art can be helpful in various aspects of our lives. It can help in enhancing an individual’s creativity, helps in building motor skills, and also helps people connect. 

Art can be a great way of relaxing and putting your thoughts forward. There are various types of art styles and numerous artists who are working very hard to bring those art styles in front of everyone’s eyes.

One similar kind of art style that has been there for a long time and is one of the oldest styles is Sculpting. In this article we will explore the differences between Monster clay and Wed clay.

Similarities Between Wed Clay And Monster Clay

Both monster clay and Wed clay are very good types of clays. However, the similarity between them is very few. Here are the similarities between Wed clay and monster clay.

  • They both are incredibly versatile and can be used for creating various art pieces.
  • They both dry very slowly so working for a longer time is very easy.
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Differences Between Wed Clay And Monster Clay

Here are a few differences between WED and Monster clay.

  • The main and most important difference between WED Clay and Monster Clay is that they both are two completely different types of clay. The Monster Clay is an oil and wax-based clay but the WED clay is a Water-Based Clay.
  • WED Clay is made to work like oil-based clays but it cannot be fired or heated. On the other hand, monster clay can be melted to be poured into other molds for various designing purposes. 
  • The WED clay being a water-based clay is very soft and is very easy to work with when using hands. This can be good when there is a lot of piling that needs to be done for an art piece. On the other hand, monster clay being an oil-based clay is a lot more firm. It can be very difficult to work with hands and requires tools to shape it.
  • Wed Clay is good for larger projects and artworks. On the other hand, Monster Clay is difficult to work on for larger projects and is best for smaller projects and artworks. 
  • Price is a big difference when it comes to these clays. Water-based clays like WED clays generally cost less. 12 lbs of Wed clay would cost somewhere around $30. On the other hand, monster clay is a little more expensive as it is an oil-based clay. 12 lbs of Monster clay will cost somewhere around $85. 
  • Wed clay or any other water-based clay generally requires a little maintenance. It can dry out and even crack in a few hours if it is not maintained and kept properly moist. Also once the Wed clay dries out it cannot be used again. So when you are trying to sculpt with wed clay you have to constantly keep spraying the clay with water so it does not dry out. On the other hand, Monster Clay does not dry out. This means you can keep on reusing the monster clay over and over again without worrying that it might dry out or not give the same result as before. This cay does not require any kind of maintenance or spaying of water. This is because it is a lot firmer and can easily hold fine and minute details because there is no concern about evaporation. 
  • WED clay is a water-based clay that can eventually develop mold if not maintained properly. However, in the case of Monster Clay, it will never develop mold. This is because it is an oil-based clay. It can be kept exposed to any kind of element for more than a year and it still would not develop any mold, would not crack or dry out. 
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Wed Clay And Monster Clay

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Wed Clay.

Advantages Of WED Clay

  • Easier and faster to sculpt.
  • A good option for beginners.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Can smooth out perfectly.
  • Can be made into permanent sculptures.

Disadvantages Of WED Clay

  • High in maintenance.
  • Requires spraying of water while sculpting.
  • Is softer and can become messy very easily.
  • Cracks if not kept properly moist.
  • Develops mold over time.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Monster clay. 

Advantages Of Monster Clay

  • Can be reused limitlessly.
  • Does not dry out and cracks.
  • Does not develop molds
  • Extremely low maintenance.
  • Firm and does not get messy.
  • Good for smaller projects.

Disadvantages Of Monster Clay

  • Takes a lot of effort and time to smoothen.
  • Harder to work with.
  • Not a good option for beginners.

Alternatives To Wed Clay And Monster Clay

WED Clay and Monster Clay are two of the best types of water-based and wax-based clays respectively. However, other clays are good as well and can be used as an alternative for Wed clay and monster clay.

Here are a few alternate choices instead of WED and Monster Clay.

These are water-based clays that can be used as an alternative choice instead of WED Clay.

  • Craftsman Natural Clay
  • AMACO Clay
  • ACTIVA Plus Clay

These are oil-based clays that can be used as an alternative choice instead of Monster Clay.

  • Sargent Plastilina Clay
  • Jovi Plastilina Clay
  • Chavant NSP Clay Medium

The art of making sculptures is restricted to only statues, but in the present day, it is extensively used for making masks and prosthetics. Clay sculpting is an incredible way to fire up your creative skills. However, if you are new to sculpting, then clay’s choice can be very difficult in the initial stages.

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Different types of clay give a different finished product and can also improve the quality of work. Clay-like oil-based clays, firing clay, and polymer-based clays are the best types of clays for sculpting. So make sure to choose what suits your purpose the most.