Is It Hard To Airbrush? We let a professional expert explain

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Originally, airbrushing was used in car paint shops. They were used to create particularly brilliant and even colors. Nowadays, more and more artists are using airbrush techniques and applying it to different fields. The sudden popularity is due to the fact that it can provide many possibilities to let your creativity wonder free. It is not that … Read more

What Is a Good Paper For Airbrush Art? Top 4 Papers

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In the present date, art has become a huge part of our lives. Art is a way by which you can express your feelings, expressions, and your emotions. Art is not just restricted to pain or paper. There are numerous ways by which art is being portrayed in the present date. It is not just … Read more

What Spray Paint Brand Or Type Should I Use On A Canvas?

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In modern art, artists have the liberty to use anything workable to express their creativity and speak their minds. Painting is among the most refined art globally and has been in existence for over 32 000 years.  As technology rapidly grows and years go by, more art and artistic ideas emerge, and spray painting is … Read more

Is It Harder to Master Oil or Watercolor Painting?

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Many people are hesitant to get into oil or watercolor painting because they aren’t certain whether it is the right medium for them to practice. While the painting medium can be exciting, it can also be a challenge for some who don’t have prior experience in the field. But it is easy to get into … Read more

How To Prevent Watercolor Paper Bumps From Water? (Easy Tips)

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You can paint beautiful paintings on water-color paper by using watercolors, but soon it starts looking bumpy. In this situation, one has to find some solution to this problem. In fact, water-color paper starts expanding as soon as it absorbs water from the watercolors and starts looking bumpy. It is a very annoying situation as … Read more

Are Cheap Watercolor Brushes Worth it For Beginners?

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With the availability of watercolor brushes in the market, enthusiasts of the hobby have options. They can buy cheap or expensive brushes depending on their budget.  Most beginners prefer to purchase cheap watercolor brushes because it is affordable and they can buy a better brush next time they have more experience in doing the art. … Read more