Does A Mini Sewing Machine Work As Well As Regular Sized One?

Sewing machines can come very handy whenever you have to stitch something. Whether it is for full sewing or to amend something, these machines can be really helpful.

They mainly come in two different sizes. One is the normal traditional sized one and another is the mini version. The mini sewing machine comes with great benefits. They are more compact in size and light in weight which make them quite portable in nature.

But the main question that most of the people ask is whether or not they are as good as the regular sized machines. To know more about this, read on.

What Is A Mini Sewing Machine?

The mini sewing machines are basically the handheld machines that can be used for sewing. It either runs with the help of batteries or by electricity. Some of the machines available in the market that can be work both on electricity and battery.

You can choose whatever is more convenient for you at that point of time. They are small and compact in nature. It is a perfect one for the beginners as they are very easy to handle and use. 

Why Do People Buy Mini Sewing Machines?

Before we give you a comparison between the mini machines and the regular sized ones, here are some of the facts about the mini sewing machines. Many people buy these mini versions, these days. But the question is – why? Of course, it must have some benefits. And those benefits are:

  1. Inexpensive in nature: The basic advantage of these mini sewing machines is that they are quite inexpensive. You can buy them anytime you want. They hardly cost anything but can be effective for emergency purposes when you are travelling.
  2. Compact & lightweight: Another benefit of this mini sewing machine is that it is quite compact in size and also light in weight. Most of the mini machines can be easily held in just one hand or can be operated keeping it on the lap. Because of the compact size and light weight, it is quite portable in nature and is also easy to travel with. 
  3. Easy to operate: One of the best benefits of the mini machines available for sewing is that they are quite easy to use. Even a beginner or a person with no experience in sewing can handle it efficiently. All it takes is a battery or electric connection to work with. Even the control and operations are very easy to understand and perform.
  4. Great for emergency purposes: Just imagine you are travelling or you are going somewhere and you realize that your cloth needs to be altered a bit. Won’t it be convenient to use these mini machines to sew the clothes or mend the tears and wears right at that time? It is really great for some last minute sewing tasks. 
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You can choose the machine based on your needs and preferences. It is better to check all the features and specifications before you buy a mini machine for sewing. 

Is A Mini Sewing Machine As Good As A Regular Sewing Machine?

Well, if you want a straight yes or no answer, then it is – NO! Though the mini sewing machines are quite efficient, easy to use, great for travelling and more, when compared to the regular ones, they are not as good as them.

First of all, the size is too small to handle large dresses and costumes. These mini machines are more appropriate for sewing the tears and wears or to make some small alteration to the fitting of the outfit.

Here are some of the reasons why the mini sewing machines work as good as the regular sized sewing machines:

  • Much slower: Though some of the mini machines come with an option to control the speed of the sewing, you cannot expect it to be as fast as the regular ones. There is a noticeable difference between the mini ones and full-sized sewing machines when it comes to the speed. The mini ones are bit slower. They are great for the beginners as it will be easier to handle and operate. People with less experience in handling sewing machines will not be comfortable with the full-sized ones at the highest speed. But it will take a lot of time to complete the sewing in comparison to the regular sized sewing machines.
  • Quite difficult to work on thick fabric: Another reason why the mini sewing machine is not as good as the regular-sized machines is because it is difficult to work on thick materials. Mini machines don’t have a bigger needle to work with. Hence, when you want to sew a material which is thick or fluffy, it will not work that well. But if the option is available can change the needle of the mini machine and work on the thicker material. This will reduce your frustration as well as it will save your time.
  • Less automated in nature: The mini machines for sewing are not as good as the regular ones because they are not fully automatic. Most of the regular sized sewing machines come with great features that make the machine much more automated than the mini ones. Hence, when you are working with the mini machines for sewing, you have to work more on that because of the lesser automated facilities. 
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Some more reasons can be other features like needle adjustments, light and more. The regular sized sewing machines have more features in them that make sewing process much easier and faster.

Also, the mini sewing machines aren’t made up of a very hardy or high quality material like that of the regular ones. So, you may have to handle them with care. 

These are some of the reasons why the mini sewing machine cannot perform as good as the regular sized machines. You can buy a mini sized machine for making some mends or for last minute sewing needs before you go out.

They are mainly best for travelling to make alterations whenever needed. But they are surely not good enough to sew a complete outfit.

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