What Can I Knit With 6mm Needles?

A woman knitting

Knitting is a relaxing activity. Knitting can help with relieving stress and anxiety. It has been proven to boost immunity, inspire creativity since you are creating different knitting patterns. Knitting comes in several different types of sizes. They are 6mm needles, 5mm needles, and 8mm needles. The Different Needle Sizes For Knitting There are several … Read more

Why Is Acrylic Yarn More Popular Than Wool?

Yarn in different colors

Which is really better – acrylic yarn or wool yarn? And is acrylic yarn really more popular than wool? This has been an ongoing debate and an even longer discussion for ages between crocheters and knitters alike. The quality of the yarn will always affect your final artwork. That tiny ball of yarn will go … Read more