Variegated Vs Self Striping Yarn – Full Comparison

Yarns of many colors

Are you still wondering if variegated yarn is better than self striping? We have the answers for you! In this blog post, we will be comparing and contrasting these two types of yarn. First, let’s discuss what each type means. Variegated and self stripping yarns are two common varieties of yarns. Variegated yarn falls into … Read more

What Is Synthetic Yarn? Explained by Experienced Yarn Retailer

Synthetic yarn

A synthetic yarn has fibers that are man-made. Petroleum is used to manufacture these fibers. They have their set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we are going to share some vital information on yarns with synthetic fiber in them. Do you want to know more? Here have a read and educate yourself. How is Synthetic … Read more

Do Larger Knitting Needles Use More Yarn? (Experts Explain)

Large knitting needles

Larger kntting needles create bigger rows and stitches. They also use thicker yarn. However, that does not mean more yarn is used as not many stitches are made. The needle size doesn’t complement needle size. The amount of yarn used primarily depends on the stitches’ number and length of stitches you make. It depends on … Read more

Does Knitting Or Crochet Create More Beautiful Patterns?

Young woman knitting a sweater

Both knitting or crochet can have a beautiful result after. There is a difference in patterns, but both can create lovely intricate stitches and shapes, and the favorite will depend on the preference of any person.  But many people believe that crocheting is better compared with knitting based on the following reasons. Crocheting Requires Only … Read more

Why Is Knitting More Difficult Than Crocheting?

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Crotchet and knitwear designs have been rocking the fashion industry lately. Last year, crotchet and knitwear were ranked the 12th most trending style during the 2020 spring runaway, according to Harpers Bazaar.  From garments, earrings, shawls, earrings, house decor, and unicorns, there are many designs these two crafts have to offer. Most often, many people … Read more