Can You Felt Acrylic Yarn? Explained how

Making felt

Do you love to knit or crochet? Acrylic yarn is a great alternative for those who want the look of wool but don’t want to deal with the extra care. It’s lightweight, soft and easy to work with. You can even felt acrylic yarn! You can use the same methods to felt acrylic yarn that … Read more

What Weight Yarn Is The Best For Crocheted Doilies?

Crocheted doily

Crochet doily patterns are recognized to be decorative crochet piece, which is known to be circular easily. However, at times, they are known to be oval or rectangle. The patterns are made to work in the round manner, owing to which it is relaxing to work it up.  They are regarded as one of the … Read more

What Temperature Do You Need to Blow Glass? Top Tips Included

Kiln for blowing glass

Glass is a mixture of several compounds and elements. It contains silicon dioxide, calcium, potassium, boron dioxide, and other trace elements such as chromium and barium. Most glassware tends to start melting between 1400 to 1600 F (760 C to 871 C). However, some specialized glasses can start melting at approximately 900 F (482 C). … Read more